Become a Stockist

Become a Stockist

Join our network of over 3,000 active distributors across the UK who are taking advantage of the benefits available to all of our Carpenters Mate stockists. We’ve often found that once contractors have used a Carpenters Mate product, they specifically ask for it at their local suppliers.

Although our range of premium timber-to-timber screws often sell themselves, we offer a huge range of benefits and sales support to our network of distributors to make sure you have the tools to sell our products:

• An industry renowned brand – As a premium brand respected by the trade, our quality products are tried and tested and guarantee customer satisfaction.
• An excellent, quality product – Guaranteed for the life of the project and designed to work every time, a Carpenters Mate screw is a screw you can stake your reputation on. See more about our product below.
• Presentation and packaging – Our products look great on the shelf and stand out in their distinctive yellow and blue packaging. Smaller quantities are packaged in branded Carpenters Mate cardboard boxes whilst larger quantities are stored in robust plastic tubs and buckets.
• We only sell to distributors and respect the distribution chain – We’ll actively encourage tradesmen to purchase through our distribution network.
• Demo events held throughout the year to encourage sales – We’re committed to supporting the sale of our screws through our free of charge demo events. These happen at our distributor branch network every day throughout the year, all over the country. We demonstrate our products live in your store to show your customers what they can do.
• Staff training on the product range to encourage sales – We provide training to make sure our distributors know as much as possible and can easily recall the benefits of each product, so they in turn can assist contractors in making the right choice of fixings.
• Free next day shipping on orders (conditions apply) – Our products are always available in our Kent, UK warehouse so you can restock within 24 hours.
• No Risk – No Sale? No problem. If our products don’t sell, we’ll buy them back from you for the same rate that you purchased them for – no charges, no quibble.
• High margins for our distributors through a sensible, attractive pricing structure – It’s in everyone’s interest that our products are priced fairly and competitively, to ensure a great return on investment for our distributors.

And much more…

POS Information

We’re committed to maximising our distributor sales and that means providing great point of sale displays, available for all Carpenters Mate products.
Our racks are either 700mm or 1,100mm wide and come dressed complete with the full range of Carpenters mate POS, including display materials to demonstrate the products.
For orders of 10+ selection packs, we provide a front of counter, acrylic dispenser and a new counter top unit, which is a great way to feature our product. Other display options include a counter top display unit, brochures and plenty of other POS options.

Why do tradesmen love our Carpenters Mate screws?

Carpenters Mate screws are not just general fixings for the construction industry: They are premium screws, meticulously designed by carpenters, for carpenters – and that’s what make them perfect for timber-to-timber connections in any application. The exceptional reputation of the screws has driven demand for our products that our distributors are benefitting from daily.

Carpenters Mate screws are:

• Time saving – Carpenters Mate screws are self-drilling through timbers of standard UK sizes. With no predrilling required, no nuts, bolts and spanners and no swapping drill bits, these screws are a real time saver – shaving hours of time off larger projects.
• Strong as, if not stronger, than the M10 coach bolt – a Carpenters Mate hex head screw matches up to and even exceeds the strength required for structures as outlined by British standards. Read our comparison bog post here – Hex heads vs Coach bolts head-to-head.
• Guaranteed for the life of the project – We engineer our Carpenters Mate screws to last longer than the timber itself so we guarantee the screws will last for the length of your project.
• Engineered to perfection – Each product in our range is specifically designed to provide a product of the very highest quality and performance.
• Cost Effective – Carpenters Mate screws are competitively priced and combine many quality features into each screw to ensure that every screw works every time.
• Great for a range of trades – Our screws can be used in a number of structural applications such as warm roofing, decking sub-bases and floors, structures and landscaping projects.

About OSC Sales

Carpenters Mate screws are supplied by OSC Sales, a leading screw supplier in the UK. OSC Sales has a long history of supplying specialist fasteners to the construction industry to improve construction efficiency and safety. Over the years we have established a reputation for the supply of cutting edge brands to the professional merchants.

Become a stockist

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