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Meet LoftBox: The all-in-one screw kit for loft conversions

Converting a loft is one of the best ways to add value to a property, delivering extra space that can make it more attractive to buyers, or better adapted to the existing residents.

With a shortage of properties across the UK – especially in London and other major cities –  joiners are seeing a rise in demand from homeowners looking to carve out that vital extra bedroom or home office they need by doing a loft conversion.

Loft conversion in progress

A complete kit for loft conversions

As a professional, you don’t need us to tell you that time is money on these jobs, which is why Carpenter’s Mate is launching LoftBox – a complete screw kit for loft conversions, designed to save you time, hassle and money!

LoftBox contains all the screws you need to complete every aspect of a loft conversion, from load-bearing timber-to-timber joins, to flooring, insulation and partitioning/stud walls.  Having everything together in one kit means less hassle at the merchant, cost savings against the purchase price of individual screw packs, and a more streamlined workflow since you’ll have all the fixings you need to hand on site.

So what’s in the box?

LoftBox contains a selection of our most popular, superior wood screws designed to handle a range of loft conversion tasks effortlessly, including structural work.  It contains:

1 pack of 250 90mm Pro Hex Head Screws

Ideal for reinforcing timber, our best-selling 90mm Pro Hex Head Screws are a building control approved alternative to the M10 coach bolt, compliant with BSEN 1995-1-1.  At 90mm long, they’re specifically engineered for joining double-ply 50mm timbers with no excess to grind away, and with no need to drill a pilot hole – simply use the enclosed bit to drive effortlessly in seconds.  As with all Carpenter’s Mate screws, our Hex Heads carry a lifetime guarantee.

1 pack of 100 140mm Pro Hex Head Screws

Our 140mm Pro Hex Head Screws offer the same superior performance as our 90mm screws, in a longer length for joining triple-ply structural timbers.  They have been developed with UK standard timber sizes in mind so there’s no excess to grind away.  

As with the 90mm version these are compliant with BSEN 1995-1-1 and a building control approved alternative to the M10 coach bolt.  Our own research shows that it takes around 2.5 minutes to fit a coach bolt, compared to 30 seconds for our Hex Head Screws – a massive time saving across the life of a loft conversion job.  

1 pack of 80 200mm Flat Head Screws

Developed specifically for fixing sheet materials, our Flat Head Screws offer self-drilling performance and superior hold for plasterboard, chipboard, MDF and insulation enabling you to achieve more in less time.  With a Torx head for additional grip, each box is supplied with a TTAP drive bit for fast, clean performance.  Our Flat Head Screws have a manually galvanised finish for superior durability and are guaranteed for the life of your loft conversion project.

 3 packs of 300 60mm Flooring Screws

Ready to floor out your loft conversion?  Reach for our 60mm flooring screws, which are specifically designed for chipboard flooring, made from case hardened carbon steel for supreme ease of driving and superior corrosion resistance.

These self-drilling screws have an instant grab thread design providing speed and accuracy, and a flush countersunk Torx screw head with a deep recess for no cam out.  Each box comes with a T25 Torx drive bit.

2000 38mm Drywall Screws

With the structural work and flooring complete, all that’s left is to stud out your loft conversion.  LoftBox includes 2000 38mm drywall screws designed to make the task a breeze and offering a flush finish ready for skimming.

Where can I buy a LoftBox loft conversion kit?

LoftBox is the latest innovation on our journey to make life easier for carpenters, combining our reputation for quality and performance with the convenience of an all-in-one kit that saves you even more time and money.

Get yours today at your nearest Carpenter’s Mate stockist.

To find out more about Carpenter’s Mate, LoftBox or the CalcuMate tool, get in touch, or to locate your nearest stockist click here.

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