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Fix wood to metal with Carpenter’s Mate: Introducing Pro Bolzen

Much as every joiner would probably wish they could work exclusively with timber all day, every day, when it comes to construction and other structural joinery jobs, there are inevitably times when you’ll need a wood-to-metal fastener.

Fixing timber to steel and other metals is an essential part of tasks like roofing, loft conversions, landscaping and even fitting windows and doors.  For optimal speed and ease of working, it requires a specific type of self-drilling fixing that negates the need for a lengthy preparation and pre-drilling process.

We’re delighted to announce that these fixings are now available from Carpenter’s Mate in the form of our Pro Bolzen screws, a recent acquisition from Walther Strong.

Range of screws from Bolzen and application

What are Pro Bolzen Screws?

Pro Bolzen screws are self-drilling, self-tapping wood-to-metal fixings.  Designed in the UK, they have been developed specifically with loft conversions in mind, and are available in a range of lengths that makes them suitable for a variety of other wood-to-metal fixing tasks too.

What are the key features of Pro Bolzen screws?

Like all screws, Pro Bolzen fixings have three key parts – a head, a shank and a point.  These parts of the screw are specifically designed to work together to deliver effortless, self-drilling performance and secure wood-to-metal fastenings.


Pro Bolzen screws have a drill point with superb cutting power that enables the user to drive the screw effortlessly through both timber and metal, with no need to pre-drill.  The drill point and flute are specifically designed to efficiently remove material from the hole while also appropriately sizing the hole for the threads of the self-tapping screw shank.  Special wings prevent thread engagement during the drilling process.


The self-tapping shank is what allows the screw to grip the material.  Pro Bolzen screws has self-tapping threads with a narrow pitch for stronger grip and better engagement on metal materials.  The shank is part-threaded to facilitate the self-countersinking function of the screw.


The head of a Pro Bolzen screw is self-countersinking, with a tapered profile that enables it to sit flush with the surface of the timber.  Pro Bolzen screws have a Torx head for superior grip and control.


What are the benefits of choosing Pro Bolzen screws?

The primary benefit of choosing a self-drilling fastener for your wood-to-metal fixings is the potential for time savings.  Non self-drilling fixings will require you to offer up the elements being fixed before drilling a hole into which you then insert a bolt or screw.  This process can take up to five times as long as fitting a self-drilling fastener – and when you multiply that out by hundreds or even thousands of screw, the time and cost savings are significant.

What sizes are Pro Bolzen screws available in?

Pro Bolzen screws come in a 5.5mm diameter and a range of lengths, from 82mm up to 202mm.  The longest size will allow you to fix timber with a maximum thickness of 165mm to steel with a maximum thickness of 12mm.  This means Pro Bolzen screws can adapt to almost any structural or manufacturing application.

Where can I buy Pro Bolzen screws?

We are currently in the process of rolling out Pro Bolzen to Carpenter’s Mate stockists right across the UK and Ireland.  To purchase, ask at your nearest stockist, or get in touch and we’ll provide you with details of a stocking branch in your area.


Got questions?

Our knowledgeable sales team is available to answer any questions you may have about Pro Bolzen, other products in our range, or how to become a Carpenter’s Mate stockist.  Simply contact us for further details.

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