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Ditch the coach bolt, go Pro Hex Head (and reduce costs in the process)

Britain’s economic crisis is deepening, with spiralling costs squeezing people’s pockets and threatening to put the lights out – literally – for thousands of businesses.

In the construction industry, costs have already reached unparalleled heights on both materials and energy, straining project budgets and forcing contractors to compete for an ever-shrinking slice of the pie.

Finding ways to work more efficiently is one way that builders and other contractors can reduce their own costs, and maximise profitability – and the Pro Hex Head Structural Screw from Carpenter’s Mate is designed to help you do exactly that, by replacing the laborious task of fitting M10 coach bolts with a faster, more effective process.


An alternative to the go-to

The M10 coach bolt has historically been a joiner’s go-to choice for joining two- or three-ply members in structural carpentry.  Fitting one involves drilling right through the timbers to be joined, before fitting the bolt, washer and nut, and tightening the whole assembly up at the end.

We’ve done our own research, and worked out that it takes a minimum of 2.5 minutes to fit one M10 coach bolt, and typically you’ll fit hundreds of them across a structural job – for 250 bolts, that adds up to almost 11 hours of work, even if you don’t have to grind off the excess bolt length.

By contrast, the Carpenter’s Mate Pro Hex Head screw is self-drilling, so there’s no need to make a hole first and no need for a washer or nut.  Our research shows that it takes just 30 seconds to fit a Pro Hex Head – so for the same 250 fixings, that’s a little over two hours – a stonking time saving of more than EIGHT hours (and nearly a full day’s pay for one man).


But what about structural integrity?

It’s an important question – and one that the Pro Hex Head can answer with ease.

Our Pro Hex Head screws are approved by Building Regulations (stamped on the head) as a compliant alternative to the M10 coach bolt.

What’s more, we’ve made it super-simple for contractors to achieve compliance using our CalcuMate app.  The app has two functions; first, it allows you to work out the number of Pro Hex Head screws you need, and at what spacing, to achieve the required structural integrity.  Second, it allows you to immediately download a certificate with all the required data for submission to Building Control – simply print and submit.


Additional benefits

The benefits of choosing the Pro Hex Head don’t stop there, either.  As with all Carpenter’s Mate fixings, the product is specifically sized for UK timbers so whether you’re joining two or three timbers together, there’s a Carpenter’s Mate fixing to fit perfectly, with no poke-through and no need to grind off any excess.  Once the screw is placed, it effectively seals the hole in the wood, reducing the risk of moisture ingress and rot.

All Carpenter’s Mate fixings also come with a lifetime guarantee for indoor and outdoor use.  Our screws are mechanically galvanised with a coating that won’t wear off even with exposure to weather, so they’ll never rust, rot or break.  Each box is supplied with a free Carpenter’s Mate drive tool for a perfect fit and effortless application every single time.


Visit our website to find out more about our Pro Hex Head Screws, including where to find your nearest stockist, and start saving time and money on site today! 


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