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Tackling outdoor projects with Carpenters Mate

‘Tis the season for outdoor projects – decks, fences, raised beds, sheds and more. Redesigning and repairing, ready for a much longed-for summer!

If you’re in the throes of project planning, you’ll be busy selecting the best materials for the job. And that includes fixings, where the options can seem endless.

It’s an important decision though, so it’s worth doing your homework. You need quality fixings that can withstand whatever the environment throws at them – fixings that will weather every storm, and keep your projects looking top notch through the seasons to come.


Choosing the right fixings

First up. Choose screws, not nails. Yes, yes, we know – the nail v screw debate is as old as time! But when it comes to outdoor projects, it’s a pretty straightforward decision. You need the additional gripping strength delivered by threads, because they’re better able to resist the significant movement that wood experiences when exposed to the elements. Fact.

And forget the ‘nails are faster than screws’ argument, because with the availability of self-drilling screws it’s now a moot point. Same amount of labour means no impact on your labour costs.

The reality is, nails are more likely than screws to grow loose with the passage of time. Screws will fasten your projects more securely and, if you need to re-think or tweak the design, they’re easier to rework.


Finding a suitable screw

It’s easy to be confused by all the choices out there, but there are a few things to look for when you’re selecting screws for your project.

Lots of screws are labelled as suitable for exterior applications, but not all can actually withstand the elements.

Standard screws tend to be zinc-plated (electroplated galvanized screws) – that means they’re coated in zinc powder. Zinc can still corrode, but it corrodes at a significantly slower rate than other metals and alloys, which means it acts as a protective barrier for screws.  However, the coating is very thin and wears off over time – lower-cost coated screws are even known for losing part of the thread coating as they’re driven in.

While brass-plated and copper-plated screws won’t rust, they’re nowhere near as strong as steel.

In our experience, carbon steel heat treated screws provide the best balance of hardness and toughness. That’s the material we use to deliver strong and durable wood-to-wood connections that can withstand all weather conditions.

Our screws are barrier coated so that no moisture can ever reach the steel underneath and to withstand the highly corrosive chemicals in pressure-treated timber. That’s how we deliver 100% corrosion resistance. Carpenters Mate screws are known for their durability, longevity and ductility: they will never rust or corrode, and are guaranteed to work every single time.

As a bonus, our outdoor screws also feature a pressure-treated timber finish for the best possible ‘look’.

The full package

Choosing the right screw for a project has to be more than pot-luck. Structural failure can be catastrophic not only in terms of costs – if you have to revisit the project and replace materials – but also in terms of your reputation. Get it right first time, every time with Carpenters Mate.

With our self-drilling wood screws, you can enjoy:

Reduced preparation – with no need for pre-drilling 

Anti-corrosion – barrier coated to take on the harshest conditions

Self-tapping – our screws cut their own thread

Reduced mess – no mess from pre-drilling

Durability – totally weather resistant, with numerous applications

Consistent performance – across a range of materials 

But there’s only one way to understand the difference a great fixing can make … try it out for yourself with a FREE sample.

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