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5 reasons to choose Carpenter’s Mate fixings

To the uninitiated, one screw is no different from another.  But as a professional joiner, you know that all screws are not created equal; good ones can make your life (and your work) a lot easier, while bad ones can cost you time, money – and even your reputation.

At Carpenter’s Mate, our ambition is to simplify your day-to-day by providing premium quality, self-drilling fixings that are fast, reliable and precise, allowing you to complete the job to a higher standard, in less time.  Designed in the UK by carpenters, for carpenters, our screws are designed to solve every joinery challenge, from structural work to bespoke joinery projects.

So what makes our fasteners so much better than the rest?  Read on for five reasons to never pick up any other brand again.

1.They’re 100% self-drilling

Carpenter’s Mate are the original, self-drilling wood screws.  We know that time is money on joinery jobs, so we set out to design fixings that could save tradespeople valuable time by removing the need to pre-drill – even on structural jobs.  Our Pro Hex Head structural screws allow you to joint double and triple-ply timbers without the use of coach bolts and washers, saving on average 90 seconds per fixing – which adds up to hours across the life of a project.

2.They’re Building Control approved

Our Pro Hex Head structural screws are approved to BSEN 1995-1-1 which makes them a building control approved alternative to the M10 coach bolt for structural timbers.  With our Calcumate tool, you can enter the parameters of your job and the app will calculate how many Pro Hex Head screws you’ll need to fit, and at what spacing, in order to comply with building regulations.  When the job is complete, simply download a certificate straight from the app for submission to the relevant local authority.

3.They make jobs effortless

Each fixing in our comprehensive range has been designed with a range of specific applications and materials in mind.  From structural timbers to flooring, cladding, decking and insulation, we’ve designed them to be easy to fix and easy to remove if needed.  Within our range, you’ll find a mix of hex, torx, pozi, square, and slot head screws – each selected based on their specific benefits for your project and each supplied with their own FREE drive bit for superb fit and precision, with no cam out.

4.They’re guaranteed for life

All Carpenter’s Mate screws come with a lifetime guarantee – that is, they are guaranteed to outlast the timber, whether that’s a decking board or a railway sleeper.  Our fixings are made from with carbon steel or stainless steel for strength, even on hardwood structures.  Instead of electroplating, which often wears off, our screws are mechanically galvanised for a robust, weatherproof coating that will never corrode or rust. 


5.They’re virtually invisible

In addition to a galvanised coating, Carpenter’s Mate fixings are available with an additional PU head coating which comes in five standard colours for an invisible finish on decking cladding and many other decorative projects.  And if your project isn’t a standard colour?  No problem – we can custom finish our fixings in any RAL colour for a flawless, undetectable result.


To find out more about Carpenter’s Mate products, including help to select the right fixing for a specific project or to locate your nearest stockist, get in touch!

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